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Digital Mines' Supremo, Kurrrrt S has been hacking away.....

You are in the realm of WORLDCYCLE deep down in the pit of Digital-Mines. Far from the main shaft. We think there are some nuggets here, for all ages, and we hope you don't have to dig too much further to find one or two. Please dig on.

WORLDCYCLE will take you into a world of action actually mostly on the top side of the Earth's crust; The world of Richard Gregg ICBM (Inter-Continental Bicycle Man), a man aboard his bicycle on a ten-to-twelve year, extremely-low-level orbit. And more importantly, his friends met along his path. Dig into their dreams made photos and text.

You can dig within this site, or from site to site and beyond. We want to assist you to take yourself OUT THERE either in body or in mind. As FAR OUT as possible.

Most of you will know this, but...... To dig, click on anything that is highlighted and /or changed\s the cursor to a pointing hand, sometimes in the text. Ready your shovels cos here's the shshshsh.....

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