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For those of you with more than enough money & not enough publicity

As a non-profit making venture, WorldCycle is very successful. In fact, so successful that it makes a substantial loss. Why? Because everything we do is for FREE. And as you probably know, using computers isn't.

But without changing our policy of free inspiration to everyone, we would like to reduce our success in the loss-making direction by accepting your kind offer of SPONSORSHIP.

But hold on, please read on about How You can Help and How WorldCycle can Help You.

How You can Help

There are 4 main ways possible:- Money, Gold Bullion, Diamonds and/or Company Stocks&Shares. which could equal 5. (And in the future we may be able to accept major credit cards) No seriously, you might be able to help us in 3 main ways:-

  • Financial
  • Equipment
  • or Assistance en route

Financial Assistance
As for what will be done with the funds:-

  • meet costs of operating the website.
  • meet costs of using computers on the journey.
  • meet costs of equipment.
  • meet costs of photography. etc.

Richard, Maaarten and other WorldCycle team-members are continually wearing out or using up all sorts of equipment at a higher-than-usual rate. eg clothes, stationery, photographic film, camping equipment, energy food, footwear, computer accessories, and of course, bicycle parts. Even though repairing things beyond normal use becomes second nature.

So if you can supply durable and reliable stuff, please contact WorldCycle. You can also choose to support the website or a particular contributor.

Assistance en route
Richard is always looking for accommodation, good meals and sometimes air in his tyres. The odd break from using his tent or dormitories, using his petrol-stove, or his bicycle pump, would be welcome.

If you can assist (like you control a chain of hotels or something), please contact WorldCycle.

How WorldCycle can Help You

Apart from giving you the idea that you can do better, and maybe a good read every now and again…. WorldCycle is a very popular site {a sophisticated website acess statistics monitor is available for inispection upon request, at our discretion} on the internet, with a potential for a small amount of quality advertising. Though we will not swamp the site or compromise download time or site quality.

So WorldCycle can provide your company with a considerable amount of good publicity.

Also, Richard Gregg and other WorldCycle team-members are able to generate publicity from country to country. Their stories are always a scoop with newspapers happy to fill their human-interest- or sports- columns with something out of the ordinary.
See Press Reports

If you as sponsor can provide logo-stickers for a bicycle, or a TeeShirt, for example, you can gain associated exposure. Richard has already received TV news coverage in Australia's OutBack Northern Territory and there is certain to be more in the near future. And then there will be Richard's Globicycle Book in the making………….

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