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Report: #03
Date: Wed Aug 20 03:56:50 1997
From: richard (
Location: Hong Kong

Dear All,

This is a first circular letter to all the people who have a connection with me, however tennuous. Most of you I know from Osaka, London, Sheffield, Loughborough or from meeting along the road on my cycling journey around the world.

For any of you who have tried to contact me using email recently, I have had a bit of trouble with the system I have been using. I'm relying on internet cafes and they are quite often prone to hiccoughs that I am not great at fixing cos I have to use different machines all the time. My appologies. But I am gradually getting better at this game. And now I shall start sending you as regular as possible reports from my continuing journey around the world. That's unless you write to me and tell or request me not to.

Oopse, they just told me that the cafe is closing and they are booting me out. I'm about to ride to Yangshuo from Hong Kong, in southern China, that's all that I can tell you now. G'bye.

e you soon regards,
Richard Gregg

PS BIG Thanks go to Simon Vale the for the photo of me in Hong Kong. Blame him!!

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