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Report: #16
Location: Adelaide, Australia

Dear Friend,

Thanks ooooooodles for your email. I've been spinning my cogs intensively recently in order to reach the far side of Australia. And that's from just about everyone's perspective.

It wasn't really the thought of seeing the sea again that gave speed to my feet, though it was a buzz and a half to glimpse the blue sparkle again. It was mainly a deadline to grab a rare opportunity to bump into my one and only blood brother for a couple of days as he second-honeymooned with his wife in Melbourne and Sydney.

Well I had a couple of delays coming south including splitting a rear wheel on my 2wheeled chariot, and riding into a ferocious gale across the zero-shelter region around Coober Pedy and Woomera. So I only made it to Adelaide before it was time to see Big Bro, and I had to leave the chariot there and make a quick return bus ride to Melbourne (about 11hours with 2 movies each way. Bit like a flight, but lacking the food to prevent the journey-induced snack desire)

Now I'm back in Adelaide again, where I've been virtually acting as the right hand for an orienteering friend of mine who'd broken her right wrist, and fixing up a slide photo presentation for another Senior Citizens' Home.

I've done 4 (free) presentations for old folks now and every time has brought smiles and appreciation, despite initial apprehension from staff. It gives me a big, warm, fuzzy, good feeling too.

Adelaide is coming into winter now and for little, English me it's a delight to get cool again. Cycling in the emerald hills around Adelaide has been a sweatlessly good blast.

But soon I must ride on to meet the wild, man-eating Koalas of Kangaroo island and then rollercoast the Great Ocean Road to see Melbourne once again.

Mmmmm....there's some great, affordable Japanese food there.

Will pen more to you at the next available chance.

Spin Out!!!

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