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Report: #23
Date: 05/13/02
Location: Pacific Ocean

I'm about 1000 nautical miles away from the coast of Uncle Sam
Land, on a container ship steadily approaching Oakland, Californ-I-A,
near San Francisco. Courtesy of P&O NedLloyd's chartered vessel The San

Speed roughly 500 nautical miles per day.

So far no sea sickness.

Temperature;now about ten degrees less than in Fiji at about 23deg.C
and a whole lot less humid; Halelujah!!

Pink Floyd is on the boom box.

I'm full of fish and chips and salad with feta cheese.

The captain is Russian, the officers Bulgarian, except one German, and
the crew are Samoan.

The last nine days or so, including the instant reversal of one whole
day crossing the International Dateline for my first time, have
gone within acceptable vibrational limits, and so smoothly enough.

We've seen one sea bird, many flying fish and practically nothing else
that doesn't begin with S.

There's an excercise bike on board, so I actually have been doing some
pedalling. Hee Hee!!

Gotta sign off.
Will write at greater length when my ship comes in.
Many regards to you all,
Seaman Richard
The Big Ocean.

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