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And if you think we can help you with advice and or inspiration on your journey, please contact WorldCycle.

Shimano Inc, Japan: - Bicycle parts manufacturers.
Araya Ltd. Japan: - They made my wheels.
CatEye Ltd. Japan: - Cycle computer to remind me to slow down, plus eye protection, head protection & lights.
Tripod Jimmy: - Ear destruction.
Bigg Blasst: - ditto
Flying Ball, Hong Kong: - Bike shop with greatest density of lightweight bikes ever.
Dany Gagnon: - Kindly maintains my Alloweb mail box. 
Digital Mines: -

Internet Services - To guide travellers to places where they can plug into the information revolution.
Bicycle Fish - Adelaide: - Where you can cyber swim with BicycleFish to all things adventure-bike.
Intermediate Technology: - I want to support this Small is Beautiful aid group in order to put something back into the sometimes-troubled world that I try to be an active member of. I believe poverty can be beaten. But I have to start with my own mind. Let's break out of the cycle.