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Such questions are surrounding me since I decided to go ride my bicycle some 7 years ago. I wouldn't have imaged myself living along the road, as I was about to get my degree in business back in 1991. Now I am still not tired of the ever-calling road full of surprises.

I am Maarten Haentjens Dekker, a 33 year young Dutchman, single and roaming the earth's continents. I have a love relation with nature and people, in what ever angle of the world I am situated. I hope I can contribute to Richards' homepage. He was the first to meet who cycled from his doorsteps to conquer the world, back in 1992. We haven't met physically afterwards, but have been corresponding by thought or letter ever since, inspiring one another.

I hope that this homepage will enable friends, that I leave behind as the next horizon appears, to stay in touch with my ride. And for those people that I haven't met personally, that they can get some imaginations of the life on the road. And there is as many ways to travel as there are people. None is worse or better for as long as you can feel yourself free to express life in your own way. I find the bicycle an fantastic way to achieve this.



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Number 07 - 98/12/24
Number 08 - 99/06/09
Number 09 - 99/06/13
Number 10 - 99/08/12
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Number 13 - 00/09/06

Number 14 - 01/07/01

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