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Ride Rode Ridden
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September 1995 guess where

A ride that takes me over horizons to faraway places whose exotic names use to be only imaginations. Now some are vivid memories in my mind to become a part of me. As the road dishes up so many new treats. For me it is all in trying to be open for the unexpected. The dish is mostly very rich and always surprising. My spirit is still absorbing as ever, it has been a tasty road so far. Thus the road is nourishing, my soul, gives me peace of mind and feeds the inner drive to continue the quest.

The quest started as a 'year-around-the-world' plan but is gradually expanding, following my inner into 'crossing the earth continents'. I even made a flag for my bike and made a special cover for my always welcomed 'scrap-book'. Not to try to impress people, there is already enough of that. But to facilitate red tape, crossing bureaucratic barriers which are mostly more difficult to pass than mountains, or to overcome a first impression of being 'homeless.'

After spending numerous falls in the French Provence, on a racing bike accompanying my mother in the eighties, in 1991, I was inspired enough to try riding the world for a year. As a try out I cycled for a 6 weeks along the Mediterranean Sea, as always in Europe, my mother joined me as much as she can. That felt good to be trekking as a nomad in one direction. Love at first sight. I experienced that through this way I am living close to the nature and their people. In the spring of 1992 I left with a friend to Pakistan and cycled into China. That is where Richard Gregg and I first met. And he was doing what I have been dreaming of.... He left his home by bike. So I returned to Holland in order to do so. With one fundamental problem though, I made myself a time limit. It all boiled down to one question, do I want to sacrifice my future job opportunities in my trade or not? At that stage I didn't want to sacrifice my future job opportunities so I promised myself to be away for I year, no more. And as always, a compromise is surrogate. There had to be a second start from the doorsteps in order to be on the road with full spirit.



Ride Rode Ridden
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