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Doorstep 2
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Warmest home for miles.

To Cape Town, for example. Again making my way to Egypt. Now as a proud owner of a Sudanese visa I entered the North, Central, East and Southern parts of Africa. Arriving at Cape the Good Hope, I saw 2 oceans ahead of me, the Indian- and the Atlantic ocean, right where they meet in a tumble of currents. I looked at my left, then to my right, resp. towards Australia and South America.

With a tear in my eye, mother Africa took so well care for me, I decided for Australia as next territory to cross. Fought with the abundant Aussie flies, loved the wide open landscapes and its' endless roads, I even touched for a little while the 'long distance cyclist dream' sharing the nomad life with a woman. The next most logic direction since I was that South was North to Asia. With the prospect of that same woman coming to join me in China I made good miles. But as I crossed the Chinese Wall into Mongolia, there was still no trace of her. I almost married a Mongolian Princess instead but that would interfere too much in going to Patagonia....

The sudden cultural chance in from Australia into Asia was amazing. Uninhabited as most of Australia is, that density populated SE Asia is. I feared most for my live on the Java roads. The good food could only partly compensate my grief. My patience to keep an open and patient attitude towards the people was tested. Bein- 24 hours a day among people can be sometimes too much. If there is no open bush to hide for a night or so, sleeping in peoples gardens can be incredibly intensive. When days are already full of traffic and conversations and after being asked for 50 times 'where are vou from?', one longs for a bit of privacy once a while. Highly populated areas like here in SE Asia are notorious for this feeling . But I can only feel worthy if I show patience towards everyone. Only in the Northern provinces of China and Mongolia I found this free open bush to really rest. In these desolate places one can feel the majesty of Mother Nature to its fullest!. Beware of the princesses though.



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